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Horn - -01-
Location Corn Boss (level)
Sold in Stores? No

The Horn is a tool, which also can be used as a weapon, given to the player after defeating the Corn Boss. It lets off a loud, foghorn-like sound that can activate secret areas and events. The Horn can also deal small to moderate damage to a nearby enemy, also knocking them up in the air. This weapon has unlimited use. After activating the Horn, but before the noise is made, the player can change its pitch by pointing the left thumbstick in a different direction. It is required to open the entrance to the Flooded Temple, making it a vital tool.



  • There exists a save glitch in which the Horn won't be saved while in Multiplayer Mode. The Horn may appear to be saved after defeating the Corn Boss, but it will disappear soon after restarting the game. If the Horn has disappeared from the inventory after reloading the game, then the Corn Boss must be defeated single-handedly in One Player Mode.

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