Home Castle is the first level in Castle Crashers.


After the brief intro, wander around the Barracks and talk to its various inhabitants to learn some basic controls. You can also obtain three gold coins on the floor, and a free health potion (provided you don't have any in your inventory) from the second furthest left person you can talk to, which is a person with a backpack. Once the player is prepared he/she can go to the next area by going up the stairs. Follow the King's frantic pointing to the right and head down the long set of stairs. At the base, there will be a face off against multiple Barbarians. After hacking through the enemies and up the next set of stairs, a short video clip of the princesses being snatched is shown.

Follow the stairs up and take out all the Barbarians that are attacking the castle. Proceed to the right once they have been cleared out.

Use XXYY juggling to clear this level in under a minute, even with minimal strength.

Enemy Waves Edit

1 - 3 Barbarians - They come from the right.

2 - 3 Barbarians - Just like the previous wave, they also come from the right.

After completing those 2 waves, you can see the princesses being kidnapped by the barbarians.

3 - 3 Barbarians - They come from in a wooden box that opens when you get past it.

4 - 4 Barbarians - Two of the barbarians comes up to the castle with ladders, with the other two barbarians are coming from Castle Keep.

After killing those other 2 waves, move over to Castle Keep, which is to the right.

Animal Orbs Edit

  • Mr. Buddy - Return to this level after acquiring the Shovel. In the Barracks, sometimes called the party room, there is an "X" on the far left side. Digging here will unlock the Animal Orb. Mr. Buddy helps you dig faster.

Weapons Edit

  • Pitchfork - This weapon is found in the haystack in the very first screen of the level, disguised as part of the scenery.
  • Carrot - Return to this level after acquiring the shovel. You can find this weapon buried in the ground in front of the last burning hut on the second screen.


  • Upon completing the Final Battle, sit through the cutscene. Instead of kissing the Orange Princess, run to the right side of the room, where the Thief is shooting. There is an "x" on the ground in front of him, but it is near impossible to obtain. This can be dug with one person but you must dig where you aren't hit by the arrows. In multiplayer, one can shield the Thief's arrows and the other can dig on the "x". In both occasions the Rubber-Handle Sword will be dug up.
  • A second rumor involves beating the Final Battle under Insane Mode and then digging the hole.
  • And a third rumor involves the Rubber-Handle Sword being obtainable from the hole. This rumor is proven false.
  • You can dig on the "X" on the ground with one person after the final battle, but nothing happens and it is just a decoration on the ground.
  • If you go back into the starting room after the cutscene with the Evil Wizard, and then come back out, the king won't be there.
  • When all the Gray Knights leave to battle, there will be one Knight left sitting at the table, if one watches closely, one can see him as he "disappears" under the table.
  • The music played while in Home Castle is Mudholes by Will Stamper.
  • The two barbarians coming from Castle Keep to fight the player in the last wave of enemies could be fighting Gray Knights in Castle Keep.

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