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A Health Potion is an item that can be purchased by players from the various stores located throughout the game. When drunk, health potions will fully restore a player's health. They are a must for tough boss fights, long levels and Insane Mode. As long as there are two or more knights conscious, health potions will be used automatically when a character's health is depleted to prevent abuse. If someone dies, they can be given CPR and be brought back to life. The last knight standing, or a knight if playing a one player campaign, must manually use potions before his health is depleted.



  • At the start of the game, speaking to the Civilian that is near a green sack and who has a "!" sign over his head will provide you with one free potion, but only if you don't already have one in your inventory. You can take advantage of this by getting one free health potion every time you run out.
  • The Painter will spit out potions if the player is playing on Insane Mode.
  • The swamp store is the cheapest place to get potions.

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