The Green Princess is one of the four princesses found in the game Castle Crashers.


The Green Princess is one of the four princesses who are in the castle at the beginning of the game along with the King. She is first captured by the Conehead Groom, then captured by the Cyclops. She mainly wears green but when saved, she is wearing a white wedding dress.


She has black hair, brown eyes and her skin is of a dark complexion. She wears a green dress with cleavage, a tall coned princess hat, two ball-shaped earrings and a pair of shoes, all in green color to combine with her dress.


"Ahhh, help me!"
- The Green Princess after the Cyclops takes her away.


  • She is the only dark-skinned princess.

Errors Edit

  • When kissing the princess after defeating Cyclops, the princess stops cheering and holds her hand at the hero, but actually, if the player looks closely, you can see that she still has her "stopped cheering" animation, with an extra hand, meaning that she has 3 hands in that animation.


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