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Golden Whale
The Golden Whale
Statistics / Abilities
Other Ability Drops gold
DLC Can't stop crying DLC

Golden Whale is one of the 29 animal orbs available for players to find in the game Castle Crashers.


Primary Ability

"Gold Drop"

Golden Whale drops one piece of gold every thirty seconds. This effect is likely more harmful than it is helpful, as the previously mentioned drop rate is very slow and can distract players when in combat. Fighting the Barbarian Boss on normal mode repeatedly will generally have a better yield for less time, so it is advisable to use a different animal orb.

Pet-Based Pun

So, while crying in a corner, Hatty Hattington asks the Golden Whale to comfort him.  The Whale reacts by saying that Hatty is even more useless and worthy to die then even the Golden FAIL!


XBox 360/PS3: The Golden Whale is from the Can't Stop Crying Pack DLC pack along with Hatty Hattington. The Golden Whale drops cubed gold, which is worth one piece of gold each time dropped. Some people have the golden whale due to the 256 Glitch.

PC: The player must own BattleBlock Theater on Steam to get the Golden Whale Orb for PC.


  • The Golden Whale is from BattleBlock Theater. It is seen in the background of many cutscenes and areas of the game, including a competitive arena minigame in which the golden whale drops cubes of gold which players must bring to a silver safe.
  • It appears to be defecating the gold out, a creepy combination with that huge smile.
  • The Golden Whale is a D Rank pet.

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