The Gold Sword is one of the 84 weapons a player can obtain in the game Castle Crashers.


The Gold Sword can be dug up with the shovel in the Marsh level. It's behind the two houses, just beyond the fight with the eight revived Skeletons.

The required level to wield this weapon is 15.

Use Pazzo when walking through the Marsh level. When Pazzo goes to the "X", he will disappear behind some houses and wait for you to come. When he does this, walk around the houses and keep digging in Pazzo's general area until you find it.

It appears to be a gold version of the Gladiator Sword and the Thief Sword.


A player digging it up.


  • The Gold Sword, Thief Sword, and the Gladiator Sword all bear a striking resemblance.
  • Sometimes a Skeleton wields this weapon.

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