Glitches are a common occurrence in gaming in which something that is unintentional, often caused by errors in coding, changes a basic or advanced mechanic in a game. Castle Crashers contains many glitches.

List of GlitchesEdit

Level 256 (Xbox 360)Edit

The Level 256 glitch is likely the most infamous glitch in Castle Crashers. Level 256 is a level that has been achieved by a number of players by exploiting the game. Players who are this level can take no more than 1 damage per hit, and can hit well into the thousands. Players who play with a player who has the level 256 glitch run the risk of getting their data erased and replaced with that of the level 256's data.  This was recently patched and all level 256 players have been set to level 99 and had their stats reset, meaning they'll have to put points back in. Level 256 is now not possible to obtain unless hacking your Xbox 360.

Rapid Damage Glitch (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC)Edit

Activating this glitch causes an enemy to hit an obstacle such as a tree in the Forest Entrance take 5-6 damage hit the edge of the screen then bounce back to the obstacle. This causes the enemy to take lots of damage in a short amount of time with the player doing little or no work.  This glitch occasionally occurs when you are juggling an enemy towards the end of the screen and they get stuck in between an obstacle that hurts them when bumped into and the end of the screen. This glitch can be performed on Forest Entrance and Snow World using the trees and broken ice towers.

Sandwich Glitch (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC) Edit

Once defeating a boss in single-player, or defeating your friends (or foes) in co-op, you can use a Beefy Sandwich before kissing one of the four Princesses, wait for it to get around 2-1 seconds and kiss the Princess. She will have no arms and won't be kissing you, she'll be kissing nothing.

Full Moon Skip Glitch (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) Edit

To skip Full Moon, you must start the level, then press start and exit the game. When you return, you'll be able to pass by the stage as though you had already beaten it. This may not happen the first time, but it will happen the second or third time.

Conehead Groom's Flight Glitch (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC)Edit

This glitch, caused when throwing the Conehead Groom while in Beefy form, will cause the groom to fly across the battle area in loops until he reaches an area above a bench or is hit again.  This glitch, while not massively bad, is very hilarious, considered by many to be the funniest glitch in Castle Crashers.

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Flying Thief Glitch (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC) Edit

This glitch is triggered in Thieves' Forest just before the troll boss. When some thieves start running away, follow them until they reach a cliff that cannot be climbed. Throw a thief constantly until he is thrown up the cliff and quickly magic jump up to follow him. He will continue running until he reached a downwards slope near the beginning of the forest. But instead of walking downwards, he hovers above ground and walk on air. The glitch is undone if the player hit the thief and he will proceed to run away like normal.

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