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Full Moon is the thirty-first level in Castle Crashers.


The first two waves of enemies include two regular Stovefaces, and one beefy Stoveface. By repeating XY on the ground, you can attack the beefy Stoveface with melee from a safe distance, as the uppercut has longer range than regular melee attacks. You can also jump in the air, hit X four times, and continue on behind the beefy Stoveface. Splash magic is ideal to defeat him, but Blue Knight and Iceskimo can combo lock the beefy Stoveface after using their splash attack, as using normal melee attacks after he's been frozen doesn't destroy the ice, and the freeze effect lasts longer than the time it takes to repeat the combo again. After clearing out the beefy Stoveface, the normal Stovefaces are easily cleared out through XXXY combo locking. On the third wave, clear the two normal sized Stovefaces, and then progress, and a beefy Stoveface will spawn. If you progress too far to the right, he'll spawn alongside the two normal Stovefaces.



Preceded by Position Succeeded by
Medusa's Lair Thirty-first level in Castle Crashers Snow World

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