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Frost King is one of the Evil Wizard's loyal minions. The Frost King is located in the Ice Castle. He is the last boss before the final four bosses.


Frost King, also known as Ice King, presumably made the Ice Castle and had Iceskimos and Stove Faces set traps. Before you fight him, three Iceskimos will try taking you down by shooting arrows and Frost King will follow up by shooting ice at you. The Yeti animal orb is designed to be used in this boss battle, as it nullifies the freezing effect of ice attacks. You can also avoid freezing by staying airborne, as you cannot be frozen while jumping.


  • Teleportation: The Frost King can teleport to any location.
  • Ground Ice: Frost King will teleport into place. He will gather power in his hands. When it is fully charged, ice will come out of the ground, freezing you. This is easily dodged as cracks form where the ice is about to come out.
  • Ground Ice Line: Frost King will also teleport into place, and cause ice to come out in a line. He will NOT build up to do this. So, you have to wait a few seconds before you attack him.
  • Ice Shards: Later in the fight, he will cause ice shards to fall, causing damage if they hit you. When his health is low, the ice shards fall much more rapidly. (note he also starts to appear faster.)


  • The floor in his cave will often cause you to slide. This effect may be nullified by the Yeti animal orb.
  • Having the Yeti animal orb is very helpful, as this will prevent you from getting frozen. This can be obtained immediately before entering the Ice Castle.
  • Along with the Corn Boss, the Frost King is one of the two most disliked bosses in the game, due to the fact that he will teleport around the area, making it hard to hit him (not helping the fact that the room has ice, making it even more harder to hit him) , fans also critisise him laughing at the player before teleporting.
  • Frost King seems to be one of the Evil Wizard's most powerful and trusted minions, as he is the final boss before the Wizard's castle.
  • If you jump and keep using the heavy attack on him, you will stay in air and he will not be able to attack you with any attacks, but the icicles that fall from above can still hit you off.
  • If you freeze and play with a controller, the easiest way to wiggle out is to hold one direction on the joystick and tap the other direction on the D-pad until you get out.
  • Frost King is one of the few enemies that defies the 10X rule on insane mode, as he has 20X the health and normal damage.
  • In Insane Mod, the Frost King has the most health out of any boss in Insane Mode (having 100000 HP) , even more then the Evil Wizard.
  • His crown appears to be frozen to his head.
  • If you beat him while playing as the Iceskimo you will get the Traitor achievement/trophy.

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