The Flying Thief Glitch is a glitch where a Thief can float above the ground.

Performing the GlitchEdit

On the Thieves' Forest level, right before the battle with the Troll Mother, three Thieves will run to the left. If the player runs left with them, they will eventually be running against the cliff. The player must throw the Thief onto the top of the cliff. The player must now quickly follow the Thief before it goes off-screen. When the Thief passes by the cliff where the Pooping Deer pooped away, he will not fall down, but instead will keep walking straight and floating until the next cliff where he will reach ground level again.


  • This glitch is easier on Insane Mode, because the Thieves don't die as easily.
  • If a Thief goes off of the left side of the screen he will despawn.
  • If the Thief gets hit while he is floating he will fall down


Castle Crashers - Flying Thief Glitch01:02

Castle Crashers - Flying Thief Glitch

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