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Flotation Devices are used in the Rapids Ride and Catfish level. They grant you normal movement speed in water, and the ability to do attacks as if on solid land. There are various flotation devices in the level.

Flotation Devices

Image Name
Latest-0 Thief's corpse
Latest-1 Crocodile
322 Ship steering wheel
1001 Shark's head
327 Log
204360 screenshots 2014-06-24 00016 Fish
1000 Wooden Mill


204360 screenshots 2014-06-24 00016

The fish looks like Magikarp

  • The fish floatation device looks similar to that of the Pokémon, Magikarp.
  • The ship steering wheel is exactly the same as the the one that the Gray Knight maneuvering the ship turns, only that one is gold.
  • The crocodile head raft bears a virtually identical similarity with the Crocodile mount that they may be the same sprite with the exception of the brown spine visible on the rafts back.
  • The shark heads are not to be confused with the Shark fin enemies trying to attack you, which may lead to players attempting to kill it at first.
  • If you just jump upward, not off, they will remain underneath you, rather than float away.


Shark n' raft

Small Raft and a Shark Head



Theif Corpse

Thief Corpse

Ship Steering wheel

Ship Steering Wheel


A large orange fish.

Necromancer on a Shark

Necromancer riding a shark head.

Water Croc

Crocodile head.


Shark Head.

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