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Flooded Temple
A player battling Fish Men during the Flooded Temple level
General Information
Type Level
Level 29
Inhabitants Fish Men

Flooded Temple is the twenty-ninth Level in Castle Crashers.


Once you have acquired the Horn from the Killer Corn, you may use it to enter the temple. Inside, you'll need to wade your way through some waist high water while battling Fish Men. Watch out for their poisonous breath. Fight your way through them and enter the tunnel to the far right. Seahorse is very useful here.

Video Walkthrough

CC Flooded Temple01:21

CC Flooded Temple


Preceded by Position Succeeded by
Corn Boss Twenty-ninth level in Castle Crashers Medusa's Lair


  • On the background of this level, there is a Snake and A fish man shaking "Hands" while frozen in stone.

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