The Elite Conehead is an enemy in the game, Castle Crashers. Players will encounter him during the Cyclops Fortress level.


The Elite Conehead will use bombs and strong attacks to seriously take large amounts of health off the character.


It is is best to deal with the Fire Demon first before you take him on. He's not so difficult on regular mode. In Insane mode, the player(s) should stay far from him and use magic range spells to knock him back and do immense damage. If you decide to melee him, be warned, the Fire Demon will quickly join in and both CAN knock you out instantly. It is also good to spam arrows if you have max agility.


  • The Elite Conehead is identical to the Conehead, except the Elite Conehead has pipe-like appendages on the back of his armor
  • The Elite Conehead cannot be knocked down by arrows.
  • He always drops the Lightsaber weapon upon defeat.
  • He fights alongside a Fire Demon, one for each active player (Four players would fight four Fire Demons).
  • There is only one Elite Conehead in the whole game. This is the only time he appears and he fights against you in the  Cyclops' Fortress.
  • He is also known as the Conehead Commander.
  • Sometimes, when playing on Xbox 360, even if three are playing only two Fire Demons would accompany him.

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