The Dual Prong Sword is one of the 84 weapons a player can obtain in the game Castle Crashers.


The Dual Prong Sword or Two-Pronged Sword becomes available after completing the game with the Iceskimo and unlocking the Brute (Brute's Starting Weapon). It may also be obtained as a rare drop from the Brute in Industrial Castle. It is quite possibly one of the best weapons in the game (once the player's stats are maxed; as a starting weapon it only makes you level up slower) because of its strong bonus in Strength and Defense, along with the Critical Strike chance.

The required Level to wield this weapon is Level 20.

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  • This is the hardest weapon to obtain through being dropped as there's only one Brute in the entire game that doesn't only just drop fruit; however completing the game as Iceskimo can guarantee this weapon will be unlocked.

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