Dragonhead is one of the 31 animal orbs available for players to find in the game Castle Crashers.



Primary Ability


Dragonhead will occasionally shoots fireballs at your opponent, leaving them with a burn effect if the shot lands. Although it may seem useful as it does quite a bit of damage (61 in total), it is still unreliable, as most of the time the fireballs will miss the opponent, therefore making this a bad pet choice. He is slightly better than Pelter because of the after damage. However, Dragonhead does melt frozen opponents, making him a bad choice while using Iceskimo or Blue Knight.


  • The Dragonhead appears to be a smaller version of the Dragon and Sock Puppet's head which is located at the end of Lava World.
  • Dragonhead is a D Rank pet (D).
  • Pelter and Dragonhead are the two Animal Orbs that are sold in the Insane Store.
  • In Mid 2018, Dragonhead was discovered to have the additional ability of occasionally setting up combos. The result of this discovery was controversial.

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