The Dock is the twentieth level in Castle Crashers. It's extremely short and contains no enemies and a barrel that drops food. The Sailor's ship can be found docked in the background while his crew is waiting until they can set sail.



The Barbarian Boss must be defeated to access the Dock

You may enter the Dock very early in the game after you beat the Barbarian Boss. However, you may not pass the Dock until you have collected the three required relics: the Compass, the Ship's Wheel, and the Telescope. Once you have collected these three items, return and stand next to the Sailor for a moment to set sail and proceed to the next level: the Pirate Ship.



  • This, as well as Cyclops' Gate and Wizard Castle Takeoff, are levels in the game in which there are no enemies present.
  • This is the only level where it is impossible to take damage.
  • There exists a glitch where if a player is playing co-op with a friend that already beat the first half of the game to go only to the levels with relics (Blacksmith, Lava World, and Industrial Castle). Get the relics and defeat the barbarian levels and gain access to the second half of the game.

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Industrial Castle Dock Pirate Ship

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