A player finding a dig spot

Out of the 84 weapons in Castle Crashers, 18 of them are available only through means of digging.

This straight to the point guide will tell you where, and how to get these items.

Each section is the name of the level and each section is ordered by which you can access them in the story.


How to get the ShovelEdit

You will be able to get the Shovel at the very beginning of the Desert level.

You need to just walk up and grab it, and then you can go back through the previous levels to get all the loot you didn't know about!


Note: If you are playing a multiplayer game and reach this level, there will be multiple shovels to guarantee every player can grab one.

Home CastleEdit

Going left from the immediate spawn, you can reenter the mess hall. There's a dig spot in a patch of hay at the far left wall.

Mr. Buddy

Ability: Makes digging faster
Strength:0 Magic:0
Defense:0 Agility:0

This one is the easiest to get after the second wave of enemies, but you could have the next scene start with the princesses being dragged away and then return to the dig spot.


Required Level: 5
Strenght:-1 Magic:-2
Defense:+3 Agility:0

Forest EntranceEdit

This is one of the shorter levels in the game, and you're going to want to look for a larger tree in the background that you cannot interact with closer to the end of the level.

You could also go to the Thieves' Forest and then go back into the entrance so that you can skip all of the enemies.

From this spot you will find: if you have the Cardinal pet than it will bring you the thief’s sword in the beginning


Required Level: 5
Strength:-1 Magic:+3
Defense:-1 Agility:0

Tall Grass FieldEdit

Right at the beginning of the level, look on the sand for the "X"

You will find:


Special: Chance to land a critical strike (1%)
Required Level: 5
Strength:-1 Magic:0
Defense:0 Agility:+1

This weapon is found right after you defeat the Bear Boss in a patch of dirt on the middle of the screen.


Required Level: 5
Strength:-2 Magic:0
Defense:+3 Agility:0

Industrial CastleEdit

This dig spot is found right after the first wave of enemies.

From this spot you will find:

Pointy Sword

Required Level: 10
Strength:0 Magic:+3
Defense:+1 Agility:-1

Flowery FieldEdit

Right before the second wave of enemies, the "X" is in the middle of the screen.

From this spot you will find:

Refined Mace

Required Level: 10
Strenght:+1 Magic:0
Defense:+1 Agility:+1

Wedding CrashEdit

The dig spot can be found on the middle of the carpet after the second wave of enemies.

From this spot you will find:

Apple Peeler

Required Level: 10
Strength:+1 Magic:+1
Defense:+3 Agility:0


This is the level where you are first introduced to the shovel, and the entirety of the level is riddled with dig spots. The second dig spot you come across will have the sword, as depicted above.

Saracen Sword

Require Level: 10
Strength:+1 Magic:0
Defense:+3 Agility:0

Here, you're going to want to look for a small stack of blocks and a pyramid background.

There will be a dig spot in front of it, giving you your next treasure.

Here you will find:


Ability: Makes leveling up faster (Gives a 10% xp boost)
Strength:0 Magic:0
Defense:0 Agility:0

Desert ChaseEdit

Desert Chase is one of the few levels to have more than one sword available through digging.

This one is found a few waves into the Desert Chase, you will need to keep an eye out for this one as it's easy to fly past.

From this first spot you will find:


Special: Chance to land a critical strike (1%)
Required Level: 10
Strength:+1 Magic:+1
Defense:0 Agility:0

Right after the cutscene with the Saracen having Zebra, you will be able to find this one.

The Pumpkin Peeler can be found right under the statue of a bird with a snake around it.

From this spot you will find:

Pumpkin Peeler

Required level: 10
Strength:+3 Magic:-2
Defense:+2 Agility:0

Sand Castle RoofEdit

This one is right in plain sight, after the 3rd wave of enemies.

From this spot you will find:

Sickle Sword

Required Level: 15
Strenght:+2 Magic:+1
Defense:-1 Agility:0


Once you have reached the graveyard, next to one of the graves on the upper row has an "x" signifying there's something there.

From this spot you will get:


Ability: Grabs items on the field
Strength:0 Magic:0
Defense:0 Agility:0

This is one of the harder weapons to get specifically because of it's placement.

It's hidden behind the set of huts as depicted above, and you should try digging near the tallest tower. Once you manage to get it, you will receive...

Gold Sword

Required Level: 15
Strength:0 Magic:+4
Defense:+1 Agility:0

And once you've finished with the Golden Sword, there is a second weapon waiting for you in front of the structure.


Special: Chance to set enemies on fire (1%)
Required Level: 15
Strength:-1 Magic:+1
Defense:0 Agility:0

Medusa's LairEdit

You will find this dig spot right at the start of Medusa's Lair.

Look for the Fish Man shaking hands with another creature.


Ability: Stat Boost (+1 to Strenght, Defense, and Agility)
Strength:+1 Magic:0
Defense:+1  Agility:+1

Medusa's Lair is pretty straight forward.

About a quarter of the way through the fishmen will come out from 2 different sets of stairs and between them is your digspot.

From this spot you will find:

Chewed Up Sword

Required Level: 15
Strength:0 Magic:+1
Defense:+4 Agility:+2

Snow WorldEdit

Right next to the pathway you can spot the "x".

This is about halfway through the level.

You will find:

Chicken Stick

Required Level: 5
Strength:0 Magic:+2
Defense:+2 Agility:+1

Snow StoreEdit

The original way to find it is to buy the animal orb named Pazzo and have him help you find it, but if you know where it is you won't need Pazzo.

Here you need to go between the sword and Pazzo, and dig into the snow in the area shown above.

From this spot you will find:

Bone Leg

Required Level: 15
Strenght:-2 Magic:0
Defense:0  Agility:+5

Ice CastleEdit

This Ice Castle will be a bit more difficult to spot, because there is no marked "X".

The Ice Castle is the second place where Pazzo would be useful, but instead of spending 750 gold to find two items, you can find them yourself.

You'll want to go right in front of the pillar and dig, as depicted above.

From this spot you will find:

Ice Sword

Special: Chance to freeze (2%)
Required level: 20
Strength:0 Magic:0
Defense:0 Agilty:0

Wizard Castle InteriorEdit

Before you can get this (without interuption) you need to defeat the Undead Cyclops, and then you can find the bone cross dig spot next to the giant sock.

From this spot you will find:

Wooden Mace

Required Level: 20
Strength:+2  Magic:0
Defense:+2 Agility:+2