Desert Chase is the twenty-fourth level in Castle Crashers.


As soon as you start the level, a Saracen Riding on a camel will come to attack you. Knock the Saracen off his camel and jump on this mount yourself. Ride the camel around mashing the X Button (Xbox360 Button X) like crazy to dispatch all of the enemies. Be sure to abuse this ability to move and swing at the same time to the max. Watch out for the quicksand along your way. A brief cut scene will play that showcases a Saracen on a camel with an Animal Orb following him. You'll need to hurry to the right after him, avoid more quicksand then catch up to him and knock him off his camel. Defeat him before he can escape and then take his Animal Orb, Zebra, for yourself. Go through the sand castle door to finish the level.

Weapons Edit

  • Falchion - Has a chance of being dropped by Saracens and Royal Guards if you were too lazy to dig up the weapon in Desert.
  • Kielbasa - Dig spot; using a Shovel, dig up past the quick sand, next to a large rock that is casting a shadow with an "X" just at the bare end of the shadow.
  • Pumpkin Peeler - Another dig spot: using a Shovel, dig up at the "X" in a brown spot below the bird statue with a snake wrapped around the bottom of it that appears in the level midway through the level to dig up the weapon.

Animal Orbs Edit

  • Zebra - Kill the Saracen on the Camel before the Saracen escapes into the Sand Castle; don't forget to get near Zebra to keep permanently in the Animal Ark.

Trivia Edit

  • If at maximized Agility or nearing max Agility, you'll be able to (easily) outrun the Saracen on the Camel that has Zebra in his possession.
  • The music that plays throughout this level is a remixed don't by snayk.

Video WalkthroughEdit

Castle Crashers Walkthrough Part 19 - Desert Chase02:44

Castle Crashers Walkthrough Part 19 - Desert Chase

Succession Edit

Preceded by Position Succeeded by
Alien Ship 24th level in Castle Crashers Sand Castle Interior

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