Desert is the twenty-second level in Castle Crashers.


The Boomerang Glitch is able to be done here, but only on the first Antlion.

Throughout this and other desert levels, Scorpions will continuously be migrating across the screen in both directions. They are not part of typical waves of enemies, so you don't have to kill them to proceed. They can be annoying, though they only take one hit to defeat. A Scorpion moves in a straight line, so you can easily step out of its way. If you are directly in front of one, it will try to sting you. The easiest way to take one out is to walk around it and hit it from behind.

When you first enter the Desert, you will see the Shovel next to a sand castle. Grab it. This allows you to dig up treasures and items that are buried in locations denoted by an "X" on the ground. One of those "X" locations is right in front of the sand castle, so try it out.

The first enemy you encounter is an Antlion. It is a large insect that emerges from a quicksand pit. If you get too close, it will grab you (be careful, the quicksand will draw you in, but you won't die, it only draws you toward the center). The Antlion will not leave the pit, but it can spit acid at you from a good distance. Kill it to proceed. Next, you will encounter two more Antlions. Kill them and move on.

You now meet your first Scarab. Periodically, it will dive underground and tunnel around very quickly. Jump over it when it comes near and tries to knock you down. When it's above ground, kill it. After your first Scarab, you immediately encounter one, two, or three more. After that, you get another Antlion.

Next, you are faced with a Scarab and two Royal Guards. Then, another Scarab and more Royal Guards. And once more. Where you encounter this last wave of enemies, Giraffey, the animal orb, is buried.

Now you meet the Alien Ship (boss). The ship will drop Alien Hominid to fight you, and will occasionally try to drop large stone slabs to crush you. Alien Hominids are very weak and typically go down after one or two hits, and the ship itself is also fairly easy to defeat. However, once you beat it, you're confronted with another ship. Take down the second ship, and you'll encounter the mothership. Step into the tractor beam to be taken up into the next level, Alien Ship.

Notes Edit

  • At the very beginning, you'll find the Shovel near a sand castle in plain sight. This item can be used in earlier levels to dig up hidden weapons and animal orbs.
  • Running into the sand castle causes it to fall apart. This could be a reference to the Newgrounds flash game, "Dad n Me", made by the creators of Castle Crashers. Dad n' Me features a sand castle that you can crush by running into it.
  • At the place where you find the Giraffey animal orb, before the fight with the Alien Ship, in the background you'll see another one putting on the tip of the unfinished pyramid. This might be a reference to "Stargate", where it is explained that aliens built the pyramids.
  • Some of the "Xs", instead of containing treasure, contain a boot.
  • At the level's end, if you run from the tractor beam, its speed will increase the longer you keep running from it.
  • Sometimes your animal orb is left behind when your entering the ship.

Animal Orbs Edit

  • Giraffey - This animal orb is found buried in the area just before the Alien Ships.

Weapons Edit

  • Falchion - In the dark patch where you encounter the first Antlion, this weapon is found buried in the ground. Can be dropped by Royal Guards, too.

Trivia Edit

  • The music that plays throughout this level is a remixed don't by snayk.

Video WalkthroughEdit

CC Desert05:10

CC Desert

Succession Edit

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Pirate Ship Twenty-second level in Castle Crashers Alien Ship

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