The Demon Sword is one of the 84 weapons a player can obtain in the game Castle Crashers.


The Demon Sword/Flaming Sword is a weapon used by the Evil Wizard in his final form on the Final Battle level and upon defeating him, he will drop his sword. You will only have a few seconds to grab the sword by swinging at it to unlock it. After you grab it you cannot pick up your original weapon. It has earned the less common name of Flaming Wolf Blade because the blade itself resembles a wolf if looked at closely. The sleeve above the handle looks like cloth similar to that of the Evil Wizard's outfit color scheme.

Players must have a Level of 20 or more to wield it.


  • The Demon Sword is one of two weapons to have a fire damage effect, the other is the Candlestick.
  • The Demon Sword appears to be made out of a crystal, like those seen during the final battle. The Evil Wizard stole one of these crystals from the King at the beginning of the game.
  • When the Demon Sword is wielded by the Evil Wizard, he is able to shoot fireballs into the sky and have them rain down upon you. He is also able to fling himself across the battlefield like a ninja star while swinging the blade into a blazing path. The player is not able to access these abilities, likely because they are not the Evil Wizard.
  • It is debated among fans if this is better than the fishing rod.
  • When in battle with the Evil Wizard the bonuses of Demon Sword are: +5 attack, +5 agility, and +5 magic. However, it changes as soon as you want to pick it up.

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