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Defense is one of four character attributes in Castle Crashers. Defense affects how much health a player has and how resistant that player is to damage. Specifically, a character's health is determined by the formula:

Health = 100 + 3(Level - 1) + 28(Defense - 1)

The highest defense bonus equipment combination is currently an Evil Sword and the Snailburt animal orb yielding +12 to defense at a cost of −5 agility. Without any additional pets or weapons, the max amount of health a character can have is 1066 HP (66 points higher than the Evil Wizard has each stage).

Defense is best played as a secondary skill, as taking damage isn't useful for the party. Building stats in order to take damage is not advised as much as a build that allows you to do something useful such as juggling or crowd control with agility/strength or magic, and defense as a second or third or fourth priority.


The following weapons grant the best Defense bonus:

Animal Orbs

The following Animal Orbs will grant you a Defense bonus.


  • The maximum health obtainable is 1402 (Level 99 + Maximum Defense + Evil Sword + Snailburt).

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