The Cyclops boss Glitch is a glitch in Cyclops' Fortress where the Cyclops will constantly jump back and forth along the lava pit. It is extremely easy to kill him when he is in the glitch, but getting him in the glitch is not always a simple task.

Performing the GlitchEdit

To do this glitch, the player that the Cyclops is targeting must go to the immediate right of the fire pit. When the Cyclops runs after that player, he has a chance to get glitched. 


  • It helps to fly while trying to do this glitch so that you do not get hit if you do not get it on the first try.
  • When he is glitched, he does not always remain glitched forever. If the player moves away too much, the Cyclops will get out of the glitch. Occassionally, the Cyclops will also just randomly get out. 
  • Even when the Cyclops begins to glow red (and thus become much faster), players can still do this glitch.


Cyclops Fortress boss glitch

Cyclops Fortress boss glitch

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