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Cult Minion's portrait.


The Cultist is the final normal enemy of the game. The minion's official name was announced by Behemoth when they revealed the Necromantic Pack for Xbox 360. He is unlockable for the PS3 by beating the Ice Castle on Insane Mode.


The Cultists help the Evil Wizard by attacking players. They are very powerful and almost completely immune to the four primary magic elements (fire, ice, lightning, and poison), suffering only a single point of damage. They are immune to the additional effects (i.e. freezing, poison, electricity and fire) of elemental weapons and magic. Cultists do not flinch when hit with arrows or elemental magic. They do not die immediately upon taking fatal damage from arrows or elemental magic, and will often stay on their feet long enough to swing at a player one last time before falling. If you play through the final battle, it seems that the Evil Wizard hatches them from cocoons when he turns into his flying spider form. The Cultists appear to be clones of the Evil Wizard himself.


The Cultists are primarily seen during the Wizard Castle Interior level, as the player must battle past them to begin the four boss battles. They are also spawned from the Evil Wizard's spider form. He is likely the most difficult character to unlock on the PS3.

Magic Powers

All powers become stronger as the player levels up their magic stat. The Wizard's magic is dark elemental.

Splash Attack

"Dark Pillars"

Element: Dark 

Max Hits: 1 per upgrade level (Max 7)

Damage/hit: Base Magic Damage x 0.5

Dark energy bursts up from the ground in front of you. Each upgrade level adds another burst of darkness in front of the previous ones. A major bonus to this spell is that no enemies are immune to it (i.e. other Cultists, bosses, Dragon Knights, etc.). It does full damage to all enemies. At high levels it makes short work of most bosses.

Projectile Attack

"Dark Shot"

Element: Dark

Damage: Base Magic Damage

Shoots a dark projectile. The non-immunity follows through with this spell as well. Very effective against bosses and Evil Wizard's minions.

Magic Jump

"Darkness Rise"

Element: Dark

Damage: Base Magic Damage

Jumps with dark magic boost and does damage to overlapped enemies.


  • Shoots bones instead of arrows.
  • They have a large resemblance to the Evil Wizard.
  • One of two characters who use Dark Magic; the other being the Skeleton.
  • Spawned from the Evil Wizard in his spider form.
  • The only way to get the Cultist on PS3 is by beating the Frost King on Insane Mode.
  • He seems to be the rarest character on PSN, likely because of the fact that he is unlocked in the Ice Castle level on Insane Mode.

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