The Crystal Shards are four red crystals which the Evil Wizard spawns by focusing his own magical powers through the enhancing powers of the Crystal he stole from the King's castle. These four shards must be destroyed in order to make the Evil Wizard finally engage in combat with the King's knights.


After they appear above the knights they will begin to spin, knocking down anyone who gets too close. After a moment of doing this, they will slow down until each one ends up pointing in the direction of one of the knights, at which they will then shoot themselves. If the knight does not move, he will be knocked down and damaged. If the knight successfully evaded the attack, the shard will embed itself on the ground, temporarily depleted of energy and unable to move, which is the best moment to damage it. Depending on the character used, continuously casting splash attacks at this moment can prove to be very effective.

If the shard is not destroyed, it will rise again in the air, receive a new charge of energy and repeat the same attack pattern. Once a crystal shard has been destroyed, it will explode.


  • The HP of each crystal shard is exactly ¼ of the total boss' health bar.
  • There is a spot near the very bottom of the screen where the knights can stand and the crystal shards won't be able to hit them the first time they launch, giving the knights an great opportunity to attack all four crystals at once.
  • While the crystals are spinning they are vulnerable. A safe strategy is to blow your Horn while underneath them to inflict some damage.
  • If the BiPolar Bear finishes off the crystals, the remaining crystals will still chase and attack you throughout the whole battle against the Evil Wizard, and even after you defeat him. At this point, however, they won't be able to harm you anymore.
  • The Crystal Shards are their own boss, and is not part of the Evil Wizard boss as the crystals are not a stage of the boss.

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