A player dealing a Critical Strike on an enemy

A Critical Strike is a random attack performed by the character that deals four times more damage than normal.


A player can tell when a Critical Strike has been dealt because an icon will pop up showing the word "CRIT!" as well as a picture of a skull cracking and the damage dealt.

Most weapons with this modifier have a 1% chance to perform a Critical Strike, but some may have up to 2%, 3%, 4% for the Black Morning Star and Gold Skull Mace, and finally, 5% for the Chainsaw. A chance to Critical Strike will always mean that the weapon effectively gains a point in Strength, so, for in Gold Skull Mace's case, this equates to approximately +7.58 Strength. If Juggling, the damage over time from the Critical Strike stacks exponentially, so that it will make any enemy very close to overkilling.


Not all weapons deal Critical Strikes. If upon looking at a weapon's description it has a "cracked skull" symbol Crit icon, that indicates that the weapons is capable of dealing Critical Strikes.

Enemies wielding these weapons will have the same chances of getting a Critical Strike, as will the Beefy version of an enemy wielding them.

Here is a list of weapons that will grant the player a Critical Strike:

Image Weapon Strength Magic Defense Agility Special Location Required Level
Roundmace Mace 0 0 0 0 Crit icon (1%) Red Knight 1
Barbarianaxe Barbarian Ax 0 -1 0 0 Crit icon (1%) Barbarian 1
Happylobster Lobster -1 0 0 +1 Crit icon (1%) Tall Grass Field (Shovel required) 5
Wrench Wrench +1 -1 0 0 Crit icon (2%) Tall Grass Field 5
Sausage Kielbasa +1 +1 0 0 Crit icon (2%) Desert Chase (Shovel required) 10
Knightssword Gladiator Sword +1 -1 +3 0 Crit icon (1%) Stove Face
Full Moon
Blackhammer Panic Mallet +1 0 0 0 Crit icon (3%) Marsh 15
Spear Broad Spear -2 0 0 +5 Crit icon (2%) Medusa's Lair 15
Twoprongedsword Dual Prong Sword +3 0 +3 0 Crit icon (1%) Brute 20
Bluemace Ugly Mace 0 -2 +6 0 Crit icon (1%) Industrialist 20
Morningstar Black Morning Star -3 +1 +1 0 Crit icon (4%) Fire Demon 20
Sai Sai 0 0 -2 +6 Crit icon (2%) Ninja 20
Goldskullmace Gold Skull Mace +3 0 0 0 Crit icon (4%) Insane Store 30
Chainsaw Chainsaw 0 0 +5 0 Crit icon (5%) Insane Store 30
ManCatcher Man Catcher +5 0 +2 0 Crit icon (2%) Snow Store (Insane Mode)
Blacksmith Pack

Notes Edit

  • This is the most recommended weapon effect to have during Insane Mode due to how much health the enemies gain linearly as a player progresses.
  • Snoot works wonders to make the most out of this weapon effect.
    • BiPolar Bear also works, but not as visibly, or even quicker enough than Snoot.

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