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A Player performing a Critical Hit.

A Critical Hit is a random attack performed by the character that deals 4x more damage than normal. A player can tell when a critical hit has been dealt because an icon will pop up showing the word CRIT! as well as a picture of a skull cracking and the damage dealt. Most weapons with this modifier have a 1% chance but the Panic Mallet  and Chainsaw have a 2% chance and the Gold Skull Mace has a 3% chance.


Not all weapons deal critical hits. Upon looking at a weapon's description, it will have a cracked skull symbol indicating it can deal criticals. Enemies wielding these weapons will have the same chances of getting a critical hit, as will the beefy version of an enemy wielding them. Confirmed on PS3 with the "Beefy" Stove Face in Full Moon.

Here is a list of weapons that will grant the player a Critical Hit:

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