Credits Edit

This article is about a couple interesting tidbits about the credits.

You can see the bears presumably mourning the loss of the Catfish. You can see the Giant Troll dead in the forest. The Ninja ship is still sinking. In the background of Tall Grass Field, you can see the cannons sticking out of the castle from the Parade level. you also get to see many places you visited and see the deaths of many foes you fought along the way. at the very end you see a message that reads "and finally, thank you to the entire newgrounds community and all of the people who downloaded the full version of Alien Hominid or made a purchase at our online store. your direct support continues to make out dreams a reality!"

Creators of castle crashers
Developer(s)     The Behemoth

Publisher(s)      The Behemoth, Microsoft Game Studios, Sony computer entertainment, Valve (Steam)

Designer(s)       Dan Paladin,Tom Fulp

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