Corn Boss is the twenty-eighth level in Castle Crashers. Here, the player(s) will be confronted by the Corn Boss in order to retrieve the Horn which will allow them to open the entrance to the Flooded Temple. The fight takes place on a clearing in the middle of the peasants' cornfield, where the Corn Boss has taken over a barn to make it his home.

Two of the peasants which helped you in the Marsh level will be positioned on the upper-left side of the field. They can be recruited to help you against this boss too if you can manage to make the Corn Boss land an attack on them.

Video WalkthroughEdit

Corn Boss01:50

Corn Boss


  • This is the only level where you can find popcorn. They can be obtained every time you land an attack on the Corn Boss.
  • The civilian who brings the player the Horn after the boss fight is wearing the Necromancer's armor (which is also worn by the Coneheads and the Stove Faces).
  • The music that plays throughout this level is Child of the Corn by The Behemoth.
  • If Saracen or Bear are in their Tornado forms during the cut scene when the Civilian hands them the horn, they will be invisible.
  • Even with Piggy, popcorn still only gives one health.


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Marsh Corn Boss Flooded Temple

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