The Xbox 360 controller

Controls refer to how a player controls his or her character in the game Castle Crashers. The player can control their character using the Xbox 360 controller, Playstation controller and keyboard. (Xbox preferred)

Basic Xbox Castle Crashers controls

Xbox360 Button A A Button: Jump

Xbox360 Button B B Button: Use item.

Xbox360 Button X X Button: Light Attack

Xbox360 Button Y Y Button: Heavy Attack

Xbox360 Trigger Right Right Trigger: Magic.

Xbox360 Trigger Left Left trigger: Shield.

Xbox360 Stick Left Left stick: Movement.

Xbox360 Stick Right Right stick: N/A

Xbox360 Dpad Up D pad: Movement.

Xbox360 Button Start Start Button: Menu.

Xbox360 Button Back Back Button: N/A

Xbox360 Bumper Right Right Bumper: Scroll through items.

Xbox360 Bumper Left Left Bumper: Reverse scroll through items.

PC controls

  • Move forward, back, left, right — Arrow Keys
  • Heavy Attack — W
  • start --- x
  • Use Item — A
  • Jump — Space
  • Magic — Shift
  • Item Select — Q or E
  • Pause — Esc
  • Block — Ctrl
  • Stats — Tab
  • Return Home — H

NOTE: You can change PC controls