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The Xbox 360 controller

Controls refer to how a player controls his or her character in the game Castle Crashers. The player controls their character using the Xbox 360 controller.

Basic Xbox Castle Crashers controls

Xbox360 Button A A Button: Jump

Xbox360 Button B B Button: Use item.

Xbox360 Button X X Button: Light Attack

Xbox360 Button Y Y Button: Heavy Attack

Xbox360 Trigger Right Right Trigger: Magic.

Xbox360 Trigger Left Left trigger: Shield.

Xbox360 Stick Left Left stick: Movement.

Xbox360 Stick Right Right stick: N/A

Xbox360 Dpad Up D pad: Movement.

Xbox360 Button Start Start Button: Menu.

Xbox360 Button Back Back Button: N/A

Xbox360 Bumper Right Right Bumper: Scroll through items.

Xbox360 Bumper Left Left Bumper: Reverse scroll through items.

Keyboard controls

  • Move forward, back, left, right — D-pad or Left Stick — Arrow Keys
  • Heavy Attack — Y — W
  • Light Attack — X — D
  • Use Item — B — A
  • Jump — A — Space
  • Magic — RT — Shift
  • Item Select — LB — Q or E
  • Pause — Start — Esc
  • Block — LT — Ctrl
  • Eat — n/a — A or S
  • Ring Bell — n/a — D
  • Stats — n/a — Tab
  • Return Home — n/a — H
  • note:you can change PC controls
  • Square-light attack
  • Triangle-heavy attack
  • X-jump
  • circle-use item
  • R2-magic
  • L2-shield
  • L1/R1-scholl items

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