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About the Castle Crashers wiki

The Castle Crashers Wiki is a wiki started in August 2008 based entirely on the Xbox Live arcade game Castle Crashers. There are currently 370 articles on the castle Crashers Wiki.

Overview Edit

Started in August 2008 by Philnelson, The Castle Crashers Wiki is meant to be a source of everything related to the Castle Crashers game. This Wiki can be edited by anyone, and anyone who is interested in Castle Crashers should consider creating an account and helping us out.

The Castle Crashers Wiki can obtain much more information than any other Castle Crashers related website because we can get hundreds of players from around the world to contribute information, allowing for a more complete guide to the game.

Although this wiki is very small and incomplete, we hope to one day be the most complete resource for information on Castle Crashers. Please, give us a hand and create an account today!

How to help Edit

Although we prefer that you create an account, anyone can start editing the Castle Crashes Wiki right away. New users should browse the wiki and change things that you think needs changing. If you see a spelling or grammar problem, fix it! If you see a topic in red that you know something about, follow that link to the non-existent page and create it!

You can also help by doing some onerous cleaning duties - checking recent changes for vandalism, creating wanted pages, ensuring that no pages are orphans, making sure that all pages have categories, and generally reorganizing information as required.

Please do not plagiarise copyrighted content from other sites.

Above all, make as many of our wikis pages as complete and accurate as possible. The more articles we have, the more people we can attract to the wiki. This leads to more contributors, and an even better wiki.

We hope that you find all the information that you need here on the Castle Crashers Wiki, and we hope that you will consider contributing to help us make this wiki better!

The Castle Crashers Wiki Team

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