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Whenever an administrator or bureaucrat makes a significant change to the CSS, wiki settings, or locked pages, they'll leave an entry here, along with their wikia signature.

  • Nog642 BUREAUCRAT 01:44 (Pacific Time), May 6, 2015
    • Promoted Stormmiller to administrator and made necessary changes to CSS, Main Page, and Top Navigation.
  • Nog642 BUREAUCRAT 20:14 (Pacific Time), May 7, 2015
    • Separated ranks on "Quick Links" section and removed unnecessary links
    • Changed organization format of blogs in "Quick Links" section of Top Navigation
  • Aichomancer BUREAUCRAT 11:55 (Central US Time), May 14, 2015
    • Changed the Staff name colors to Green|Red|Blue|Orange. It's simply because it matches the wiki logo, and it's the order the characters appear in the character select screen. If Nog642 wants to change it back, then FIRST he must obtain the opinions of ALL admins and moderators and see if they dislike it or not.
  • Aichomancer BUREAUCRAT 9:18 (Central US Time), June 04, 2015
    • Considered removing Bureaucrat/Administrator edit log because no one actually uses it as often as they should.
  • Nog642 (talk) 20:32, June 23, 2015 (UTC)
    • (We should)

For additional polls, check out Aichomancer's profile.

Between the unoffical DLC packs (unofficial means unnoficial believe it or not), which is your favorite?

The poll was created at 19:28 on May 28, 2015, and so far 93 people voted.

Plumbum Pack DLC Contents | Forerunners DLC Contents | Princess Plus Pack Contents

Who in the Princess Plus Pack is your favorite?

The poll was created at 14:27 on June 4, 2015, and so far 102 people voted.
Which Character in the Plumbum Pack is your favorite? Note: Plumbum Plunderer, Aicho, Achluo, Drako, Tskune, the Gatekeeper, and Tricky are subject to change in the future as Aichomancer is still developing their backstory.

The poll was created at 14:27 on June 4, 2015, and so far 48 people voted.
Which Character in the Forerunners Pack is your favorite?

The poll was created at 19:28 on May 28, 2015, and so far 63 people voted.

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Characters can be played with by unlocking them. You can also play against enemies which are possible to be unlocked by the end of the game. Most are unlocked by conquering the game with a specific character. Read more...



A weapon is an item used in Castle Crashers by a character to deal damage to enemies. Characters can collect different weapons by finding them throughout the game or by downloading extra content. Read more...

Animal Orbs


Animal Orbs provide various bonuses and enhancements. Once found, these helpers float next to the player and automatically provide a bonus. The Animal Ark houses all of the player's unlocked animals orbs. Read more...


Imp - -01-

Many vicious enemies will try to impede your progress from rescuing the four King's daughters and also retrieve the stolen Crystal. However, most of them can be unlocked and played with too! Read more...


Home Castle image

Levels are the various environments the players must traverse in the world of Castle Crashers. Many enemies await for them, but also many treasures and companions can be found! Read more...



Stores are special areas where players can go to purchase items such as potions, sandwiches, bombs, weapons and even animal orbs! Read more...



An attribute is a characteristic or a skill that a player can upgrade throughout the game. Attributes are trained by fighting until enough experience has been earned to reach the next level. When a character levels up, they will have a number of skill points to allot. Read more...


Xbox360 Trigger Right

A combo is a special attack that is performed by pressing a number of buttons rapidly in a certain sequence. Combos are usually more damaging than regular attacks. Read more...


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