Note: Due to the complication of finding the original tracks on Newgrounds, it will ONLY be YouTube links unless someone can find Newground links to most of the tracks.

Track # Track Name Author Used In
01 Four Brave Champions [1] David Orr Title Sequence; Credits
02 Flutey [2] Will Stamper? Character Select Screen; World Map; Pirate Ship intro
03 Barracks Tune [3] Dan Paladin Barracks; Volleyball Game
04 Creepy Frog [4] Will Stamper? Home Castle; interlude after Lava World; Wizard Castle Takeoff & Interior*
05 Mudholes [5] Will Stamper? Home Castle; Castle Keep; Barbarian War
06 Spanish Waltz [6] Urbanus Blacksmith; Animal Ark; Stores; Dock
07 Weapons Frog [7] Will Stamper? Weapons Frog, simply an ambience
08 War Machine [8] Will Stamper? War Machine battle
09 Factory [9] CornandBeans Barbarian Boss; Pipistrello battle
10 Gold Grab [10] Will Stamper? Boss Chest; All You Can Quaff minigame
11 Race Around the World [11] Waterflame Victory Fanfare
12 Jumper [12] Waterflame Forest Entrance; XMB interface on PS3
13 Space Pirates [13] Waterflame Thieves' Forest
14 The Show [14] Waterflame Troll Mother battle; Painter battle
15 Techock [15] Waterflame Abandoned Mill
16 Dark Skies [16] Selcuk Bor Flowery Field; Wedding Crash; Industrial Castle; Full Moon
17 Till Death Do I Impart [17] Selcuk Bor Conehead Groom battle
18 Rage of the Champions [18] Selcuk Bor Tall Grass Field; Parade; Wizard Castle Takeoff flight
19 Landfall [19] Cycerin Cave of Tall Grass Field; Pipistrello's Cave; Cyclops' Cave
20 Black Knight [20] Will Stamper? Cyclops battle; Undead Cyclops battle
21 Vain Star [21] Cycerin Cyclops' Gate; Cyclops' Fortress; Lava World
22 Drumlift V2 [22] Will Stamper? Volcano battle
23 Chaoz Japan [23] ParagonX9 Pirate Ship
24 (Please) Don't [24] Snayk Desert; Desert Chase
25 The Abduction (Alien Hominid Theme Remix) [25] Will Stamper? Alien Ship
26 Sand Castle Crashing [26] Will Stamper? Sand Castle Interior; Sand Castle Roof
27 Sand [27] Will Stamper? Sand Castle Roof volleyball game
28 Swampland [28] Waterflame Marsh
29 Corn Boss [29] Will Stamper? Catfish; Corn Boss; Volleyball Game game point
30 Flooded Castle [30] Will Stamper? Rapids Ride; Flooded Temple
31 The Ruins [31] Will Stamper? Medusa's Lair
32 Medusa [32] Will Stamper? Medusa battle
33 Winterbliss [33] Cycerin Industrial Castle entrance; Flooded Temple entrance; Snow World
34 Drumlift [34] Will Stamper? Bear Boss battle, Wizard Castle Takeoff confrontation
35 Second Thoughts [35] David Orr Dragon and Sock Puppet & Industrial Machine battles; Ice Castle; Wizard Castle Interior; Final Battle
36 Simple Sight [36] RealFaction Necromancer battle
37 Warsong [37] David Orr Final Battle
38 Tricky's Song (The Sailor's Hornpipe) [38] Dan Paladin Barracks (end game)
39 Castle Crashers Menu Loop [39] CornandBeans Online multiplayer Arena, All You Can Quaff, and Volleyball Game menus
40 Archetype [40] Helix6 Arena battles; Player vs. Player battles