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Cardinal as it appears in Castle Crashers.
Statistics / Abilities
Other Ability Finds secret items
Location Industrial Castle

Cardinal is one of the 29 animal orbs available for players to find in the game Castle Crashers.


XBOX 360/PS3/PC: The Cardinal can be found In the Industrial Castle level after the elevator ride. Defeat the beefy Brute who has the Cardinal following him to obtain it.



How to get Cardinal.

Primary Ability

"Secret Find"

Upon entering an area which contains a "secret item", the Cardinal will fly toward the item and bring it to you. The items he brings are the Thief Sword at the beginning of the Forest Entrance, the Boomerang at the beginning of the Thieves' Forest, the Pointy Sword in the Industrial Castle level, the Fishing Rod in the level Marsh, and the Key Sword in the Full Moon level. The Key Sword allows you get get Beholder from the back of the Animal Ark

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  • Cardinal is commonly referred to as "Angry Bird", because of his similar appearance to the red bird in the game Angry Birds.
  • The Cardinal is a C Rank pet (C+).
  • In the the later Behemoth game Battleblock Theater, he can eventually be unlocked as a Prisoner head, except without the feet.

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