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Hatty Hattington
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The "Can't Stop Crying Pack" is a DLC for XBox 360 Version that is acquired when one achievement in Behemoth's "BattleBlock Theater" is unlocked. The full version of Castle Crashers must be on the same Xbox as well.

The DLC features 1 new Playable Character, 1 new Animal Orb and 1 new Weapon

Hatty Hattington is the antagonist from the Behemoth game BattleBlock Theater, and is the only character in Castle Crashers to have a square head.

DLC Contents

The Golden Whale is the new animal orb which ocassionally defecates a cube of gold worth one gold coin. 

The only weapon that comes with this DLC is the Emerald Sword, which is the green sword on the far right in the picture below. There appears to be a glitch where if you unequip the sword even once, it disappears from the weapons frog. Resetting Hatty seems to solve this problem.

Hatty, his sword, whale and aura.
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