Hatty Hattington

The "Can't Stop Crying Pack" is a DLC for all versions of Castle Crashers. There are ways to unlock it on all versions.

The DLC features 1 new Playable Character, 1 new Animal Orb and 1 new Weapon

Hatty Hattington is the antagonist from The Behemoth game BattleBlock Theater, and is the only character in Castle Crashers to have a square head.

DLC ContentsEdit

The Golden Whale is the new Animal Orb which occasionally defecates a cube of gold worth one gold coin, but only once about every thirty seconds. 

The Emerald Sword, pictured below, is a green sword that increases your magic and reduces your agility. Because of the negative agility, it's not recommended for low level characters.


Hatty, his sword, whale and aura.

How To UnlockEdit

XBox 360 VersionEdit

Obtain one achievement in

BattleBlock Theater.

PlayStation 3 VersionEdit

Download Can't Stop Crying Pack DLC for $1.99.

PC VersionEdit

Purchase BattleBlock Theater through Steam and start up Castle Crashers.



Image Character Description Status
Hatty Hattington

Hatty is a best friend to one and all! That is, in Battleblock Theater. When it comes to Castle Crashers, he is known as one of the worst Knights in the game. 

Released as DLC in the Can't Stop Crying Pack.

Animal OrbsEdit

Image Animal Ability Status
Golden Whale Generates gold every 30 seconds.  Released as DLC in the Can't Stop Crying Pack


Image Weapon Strength Magic Defense Agility Special Required Level Status
EmeraldSword Emerald Sword 0 +3 0


1 Released as DLC in the Can't Stop Crying Pack.