The Camel is one of the four mounts a character can ride in the game Castle Crashers. The Camel is most prominently seen in the Desert Chase level. If an enemy knocks you off the Camel, an enemy will rush to get on it before you get the chance to re-mount.


  • Pressing the light attack button (Xbox360 Button X/PS3 Square) will perform your weapon's light attack swipe.
  • Pressing the heavy attack button (Xbox360 Button Y/PS3 Triangle) will perform the Camel's spit attack.


  • The Camel needs to recharge its mouth with saliva after the ranged spit attack has been used frequently. You can actually see it building a new ball of spit while recharging.
  • The spit-ball can also induce your weapon's elemental attributes, if they have any:
  • In the level where you encounter The Camel, you can do a "Glitch/Bug" while riding it. Just hit some random enemy with your current weapon while riding The Camel, and the enemy will go mid-air. Then keep on hitting him and going forward while he is mid-air until you reach the end of the screen. after that, the enemy will not be able to go any further, and will go upward instead. nownyou can keep hitting him nonstop and that's basically a guaranteed kill and some reasonable amount of XP. This doesn't work with The scorpion, The Antlion And the Scarab.

Trivia Edit

  • The Camel's design is based on the aspect of the Bactrian Camel, which is actually native to Central Asia, rather than Saharan Africa (where the setting is supposedly based).

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