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Burly Bear is one of the 31 animal orbs available for players to find in the game Castle Crashers.


XBox 360/PS3/PC: Burly Bear is located in the Tall Grass Fields. He is found hidden behind a boulder next to the cliffside climb, near the end of the level. Instead of climbing up the ledge, the player
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Burly Bear's Cave Location

must eat a sandwich and go to the left side of the cliff. It will prompt the player to press X to pull a rock out of the way. Going through the hole will show a small crack, but 2 bombs can blow it up to open. When opened, enter this crack and go a little bit to the right. The cave also holds two chests, the lower one containing a random amount of money (around 5-16) and the upper one containing the Fish weapon.


Primary Ability

"Strength And Defense Boost"

Burly Bear gives you a +3 strength boost and 1+ defense,


How to obtain Burly Bear.


  • Snoot and Burly Bear used to be reskins, but this was updated in the remastered version.
  • Burly Bear is a S Rank pet.

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