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The Bow and Arrow can be used to attack enemies from a far distance. The arrows can also knock its targets to the ground. The damage, rate of fire and flight distance of the arrows are governed by the character's Agility skill.

How to Obtain

The Bow and Arrow is dropped by Barbarians and Thieves (as long as no playable character in the game already has it). It is usually dropped early in the Barbarian War level when the player first meets Thieves. Once the Bow and Arrow has been obtained, all other playable characters start with it in their possession.


  • The player has an unlimited number of arrows.
  • Firing arrows can sometimes activate the damage modifier of the weapon the player is carrying. Only critical damage will be included with the arrow. Elemental damage only bursts in front of the player when activated by arrows.
  • With max Agility, if you shoot fast enough, you can hit an enemy multiple times before he gets knocked down.

Additional Information

Depending on what character is being used, special arrows may be shot. These arrows do not change damage and are purely aesthetic.

Character Arrow Appearance Image
Green Knight Green feathered arrows *
Red Knight Red feathered arrows *
Blue Knight Blue feathered arrows *
Orange Knight Orange feathered arrows *
Blacksmith Metal arrows *
Pink Knight Heart arrows with a rainbow shaft. *
King Golden arrows *
Bear Fish *
Cult Minion Bones *
Skeleton Bones *
Ninja Kunai *

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