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The Boomerang is a Weapon and Tool given to the player by the Cardinal during the Thieves' Forest level. It is hidden behind the bushes, where the defecating owl is found perching on the tree branch. Equip Cardinal, and he'll pick up the Boomerang for you. The Boomerang is used mostly to break through barriers such as doors or icicles, however it can also be used to stun enemies and deal small amounts of damage to non-flinching enemies. This weapon has unlimited use, and if unlocked on one character, all others may use it as well.


Before the title update, the boomerang was commonly used by players to gain massive amounts of xp by fighting either Pipistrello or the Catfish. It can also be used to gain massive exp on the first Antlion and on the Industrial Machine even after the title update. Even though it stuns enemies, it doesn't deal any damage.


  • Breaks through doors.
  • Stuns enemies for a brief period of time. (Good use for setting up combos.)
  • Deals small amounts of damage to non-flinching enemies.
  • Retrieve Items like gold and fruit as long as it's within range.
  • The experience glitch, after clearing the update from the console.


  • This weapon is possibly a reference to Legend of Zelda series, for in certain games, the Boomerang is an optional weapon that stuns enemies, where in most other games, it's different.

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