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Blue Princess

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Blue Princess
Blue Princess
The Princess is seen struggling in the Barbarian Boss Level.
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Health N/A
Insane Health N/A
Location Home Castle
Barbarian Boss (level)
Tall Grass Field
Ice Castle
Barracks (Party)

The Blue Princess is one of the four princesses found throughout the game Castle Crashers.


She is captured by the Frost King, and she wears blue. When he is defeated, she later appears at the celebration, where she seems impressed by a Thief's archery skills.


  • She is the same color as the Blue Knight.
  • She is the third princess to be rescued.
  • Like the other princesses (Except for the Orange one) she resembles a member from the Powerpuff GirlsBubbles
  • It may be by chance, but the Frost King imprisoned her and there both wearing blue and have relation with ice (she is the same color as the Blue Knight who has ice magic.).

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