The Big Fish are found in the level Rapids Ride, enemies you fight right before meeting the Catfish. There are four Big Fish which are attackable, and another which gets shot in the face with a cannon from the King's boat.

Background Edit

Their attacks involve either jumping towards the player or dashing toward them when its health is low. They also seem to regenerate health quickly (unconfirmed).


Players should try to stay right to the side of the Big Fish to avoid its jump attack. Players can also jump (Xbox360 Button A) and then use an Xbox360 Button X or Xbox360 Button Y button attack to hit the Big Fish from above. It can be helpful to use jump attacks along with your best magic attacks to defeat this creature. If the player has high agility, arrows can be useful as well.


  • At the top of the mountain in Tall Grass Field, in between the cutscenes of the Thieves giving up the princesses, and just before entering the cave, a Big Fish can be seen in the background, swimming.
  • Even though they are classified as "Fish", they have legs which can be seen during their jump attack, which gives them some similarities to frogs.

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