BiPolar Bear is one of the 29 Animal Orbs a player can obtain in the game Castle Crashers Remastered.


BiPolar Bear can be obtained at the end of Snow World. Blow the Horn in front of the cave leading to the Ice Castle level, next to the Horn sign, and BiPolar Bear will emerge, allowing the player to obtain him.


Primary Ability

"Enemy Evisceration"

BiPolar Bear will maul any enemy of any sort with 8% or less HP and will maul the player or allies at 11 or less HP.  The disadvantage is usually insigificant, as it's very rare for a player to reach that little health. The advantage allows players to avoid overkill, as BiPolar Bear will notify then when an enemy is dead in the middle of a combo, saving an exponential amount of time. The effect also applies to bosses, making BiPolar Bear one of the best pets to bring to a boss fight, only being marginally outranked by Snoot. BiPolar Bear does 32-96 damage per hit; with an average of 4 hits per second, each of which reap XP.

Hidden/Secret Ability

"Weapon Effect Usage"

Like Hawkster, BiPolar Bear can Freeze, Shock, Burn, Poison, or Critical Strike. Given, if the appropriate weapon has the listed effect.


  • BiPolar Bear will automatically maul the Painter's paintings when the Painter begins to move all over his room when his health bar's significantly depleted.
  • BiPolar Bear will attack Pipistrello's poop.
  • As soon as BiPolar Bear gets really close to enemies that are being juggled, he will begin "fidgeting" around the airborne enemy. This is the best indicator of the player over-killing the enemy within a juggle. However, this may not always be an accurate estimate of overkill if multiple enemies are involved within the juggle; usually, with the juggle being either a lightweight or mediumweight juggle depending on the level and enemy types.
  • The BiPolar Bear's name comes from BiPolar disorder, which can cause extreme mood swings, and the Polar Bear (Ursus Maritimus).
  • On the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, BiPolar Bear mauls bosses at 11% as apposed to 8%, making him significantly better for boss slaying.
    • He also mauls normal enemies at 11 HP instead of 8%.
  • BiPolar Bear can Critical Strike for up to a 384 damage.


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