Bees, also known as "Killer Bees", are the first enemies encountered in Flowery Field. Their main method of attack is by stinging their foes, but besides that they don't have a big repertoire of attacks and rely more in overwhelming their enemies by attacking in big groups.


The bees main motive for attacking the player may be that they're very angry with King's knights for daring to step on their flowers, but this is not fact.


Jump up and melee them down before they hit the ground. Once on the ground, try to juggle many of them at the same time. If you need breathing room, try to juggle one out of the main group of attackers. Defeating them should not be difficult as you will be aided by King and a group of his knights. King also brings a Horse, and if he is knocked down (which happens most of the time), you will be able to ride it, although most mounts are considered a disadvantage to the player.

Additional InformationEdit

Apart from being an enemy, they play an important role in other aspects of the game as they are the main method of magical attacks of the Killer Beekeeper, who can spawn them to attack his enemies. These bees inflict non-elemental damage, although they are referred as "bee-elemental" just to differentiate them from the various types of non-elemental attacks performed by other characters.


  • Even though Bees and Killer Beekeepers fight alongside one of each other, these last ones don't show any ability to control the Bees.
  • Bees make up the majority of Killer Beekeeper's magic attacks and combos.
  • The only level they're in is Flowery Field.

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