The Barracks is a sublevel of Home Castle, and the true first level/area of the game.


The first time you play on a character, you spawn in the Barracks. Every time you go between Normal Mode and Insane Mode you spawn in the Barracks. In Home Castle, after the Evil Wizard goes away, if you go back into the door you came out of you will re-enter the Barracks.

Animal OrbsEdit

  • At the back of the Barracks there is a dig spot. When you dig it up you find Mr. Buddy.

Party Edit

  • After you defeat the Evil Wizard In Final Battle, you ride the Crystal back to the Barracks and have a party there, and finish the game.
    Barracks (Party)

    Players battling each other for the Orange Princess

    While the players are dancing and celebrating their victory, the King opens the door with the Orange Princess following him. The players must battle each other for the Orange Princess. The player kisses the Orange Princess, who turns out to be Tricky the Clown.

See Also Edit


  • In any mode, the Traveling Salesman gives you a potion if you talk to him, provided that you have no potions remaining.
  • The Vet is carrying/using the animal orb Snailburt.
  • At the party, there is a Thief there that can kill you if you get hit by his arrows, and another Thief that will hand you food if you walk past him.
  • You can attack the dolls to try out new moves.
  • Below the 2 Peasants are 3 coins ready to collect.
  • There are barrels that drop food.
  • You can practice your archery skills here on targets.
  • The music played while in the Barracks is called Barracks Tune.

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