Barbarian War is the third level in Castle Crashers. It can be tough the first time and includes the War Machine.


After defeating all the Barbarians on the bridge the player must move to the right. Hitting the Barbarian off the Gray Knight on the ground will allow him to hop up and aid in the battle. To the right, there are a couple of Thieves raiding some dead bodies. When engaged, they will attack with bows; after defeating them, if the player does not yet have the bow, they will drop the bow which can then be picked up.

War Machine Edit

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To the right, there is the War Machine. Red cross-hairs show where cannon balls will land. The player will have to be careful as not to be hit by a cannonball. The Machine will also unload Barbarians.

After a few more hordes of enemies, the player will arrive at a wooden door that can be destroyed. After destroying the door and proceeding, the level will end.


  • Many dead Gray Knights are seen throughout this level
  • Gray Knights and Barbarians are likely the ones fighting in the background.

    The Barbarian Banner Carrier

    There is a Barbarian Banner Carrier seen in this level, he is immune to damage and water slow down until he drops the banner.
  • There is a puddle in this level, it's existence is likely to introduce the mechanic that water slows the player down.
  • By the time the game is over, the war has settled and the battlefield is empty, nothing but corpses remain.
  • The Barbarian that carries the flag is likely invulnerable so players will chase him into the patch of water and find out it slows them down.
  • The music that plays here is "Mudholes" by Will Stamper.
  • When the player reaches the breakable door and exits back out, the enemies and the War Machine reappear, which can make XP farming good, especially on Insane Mode.

Video WalkthroughEdit

CC Barbarian War

CC Barbarian War

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Castle Keep Third level in Castle Crashers Barbarian Boss