Barbarian Boss is the fourth level in the game Castle Crashers. It is home to the game's first boss, also called the "Barbarian Boss".

The level consists on a fortified edification surrounded by wooden barricades. This fortress is located on a desolated field, withered as a result of the enduring war. All accesses to this area are guarded by big metal gates.

It is also in this place where the four princesses are first taken as a pro-visionary prison after successfully subtracting them from the Castle Keep.


  • It may be possible that it is in this place where the Barbarians plan their battle strategies, train and have their barracks to rest after a day of continuous combat.
  • The place is decorated with series of yellow flags attached to ropes, which hint that this place is also used to carry out tournaments between the Barbarian militia.
  • The Beefy Barbarian seen at the start of the battle is one of only four beefy Barbarians seen in the game. Besides this one, there is the one who kidnaps one of the princesses in the Barbarian War stage (possibly the same one due to how close they are in location), the one in the Necromancer boss battle (which still could have been the first one as well as he is undead) and lastly the one who sells the Thick Sword at the Swamp Store.
  • It is the level where the demo ends in which a Troll will come and turn off the lights on the players, prompting them to buy the full game. Also, it shows Barbarian Boss laughing at a distraught Green Knight and Red Knight as well as showing the princesses tied up close by.
  • The music that is played here is called Factory by cornandbeans. Pipistrello in Pipistrello's Cave shares the same exact track as well
  • if you beat this stage with the Barbarian you will get the achievement/trophy The Traitor.


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