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An Attribute is one of the four characteristics that can be upgraded throughout the game. Attributes are upgraded by fighting until enough XP has been earned in order to reach the next level. When a character levels up, he will have a number of skill points to allot: two per level gained if the character is under level 20, or one per level gained if they are above that level. Each attribute area can be improved up to 24 times. Using a total of 96 skill points (Level 78) will maximize a character's base attributes. Animal orbs and weapons may be used to improve upon the base attributes.

Attribute SummariesEdit


Main article: Strength

Strength affects how much damage a player can deal with a single melee attack, and causes the player to level up significantly slower as the XP system is based hits, not kills, and the amount of XP one gets per hit is a fixed amount. One won't yield XP from overkill either. Use sparingly, if at all.


Main article: Magic

Magic affects the type of magical attacks available to the player, the rate at which the magic bar recharges, and lowers the cost of your attacks at increments of 5. The damage is raised with every point, but as stated in strength's description, higher damage is useless in the long run.


Main article: Defense

Defense adds 28 HP per skill point, decreases the player's flinch speed, and increases the player's tolerance to damage.


Main article: Agility

Agility affects the amount of damage the Bow deals and the rate at which it fires, as well as how fast a player can move. As a result of this it also makes juggling, alignment, and combo locking easier, and it also makes dodging easier, so it essentially replaces defense, depending on whether the player is skilled or not.

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