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All You Can Quaff was a mini game in which the player repeatedly alternates between pressing the "X" and "Y" buttons to eat whatever food is in front of him/her. The mini game has since been removed in Castle Crashers Remastered.

Then the player would press the "A" button to ring a bell, which would summon a new plate of food.

A flag is shown behind each player to mark how many plates of food have been eaten. The further up the flag is, the closer the player is to winning.


  • CPU players will be either Barbarians or Gray Knights.
  • The eating speed of the Barbarians/Gray Nights would be randomized every game but it appears that on average Barbarians would have a faster eating speed.
  • Glork-0
    Winning 20 All You Can Quaff online matches would get you the Glork Achievement/Trophy. This was a Xbox & Steam exclusive mini-game.
  • It is similar to Alien Hominid mini game which is called All You Can Eat.
  • On the PS3 version there is a volleyball game instead of All You Can Quaff.
  • The foods you eat are cacti, pears, cherries, apples, bananas and turkey legs.
  • This minigame was removed in the Castle Crashers Remastered update and replaced with Back Off Barbarian.

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