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The Alien
Vital statistics
Unlock Method Buy Alien Hominid HD and obtain an achievement or complete the Alien Ship level (PS3 and PC only)
Starting Weapon Alien Gun
Splash Attack Beam Gun Blast
Magic Projectile Beam Shot
Magic Jump Beam Jump
Campaign statistics
Gender Unknown
Race Alien
Health 1 HP
Insane Health 10~15 HP
Location Alien Ship

The Alien (or Alien Hominid) is an enemy and also an unlockable character in Castle Crashers.


The Aliens behave differently from the rest of the characters as they don't have any basic melee attacks. Instead, their main form of attack is by shooting their ray guns, which would make them some kind of magic projectile users only.

Another difference is that they have extremely low health (only 1 HP), so they rely more on attacking in numbers to try to overwhelm their enemies.



Splash Attack

"Wide Beam Shot"

Element: Fire

Damage: Base Magic Damage

Fires a wide, orange, continuous ball of energy with his ray gun. Can hit multiple enemies if bunched together. Can be fired three times as often as other splash attacks while on the ground. Causes burn damage.

Magic Projectile

"Beam Shot"

Element: Non-Elemental

Damage: Base Magic Damage x 0.5

Fires a small yellow ball of energy with his ray gun. Can be fired three times as often as other projectile attacks while on the ground.

Magic Jump

"Alien Jump"

Element: Non-Elemental

Damage: Base Magic Damage

A bright cylindrical light beam comes down and pulls it up, as if its ship was transporting it.


  • The Alien is the only character that can cast magic at a faster rate than normal (three times faster).
  • It is the only character who can't change weapons.
  • The aliens are effectively killed by the BiPolar Bear because he will attack anything with less than 11 HP left.


  • The Alien's enhanced magic powers make up for the fact that it can't change weapons. If you are a magic user, pick it. If you like powerful weapons, this might not be the best character for you.
  • Its inability to change weapons may be because it only uses his ray gun in Alien Hominid HD. Although, it can change the abilities of its gun in that game.
  • Apparently as a homage to the original game, the aliens are only defeated with one hit, an obvious nod to the game it came from, where it can only be shot once and then it dies. The same stays true here, as a single blow from any weapon at any level will instantly kill them because they only have 1 HP.
  • The "Playable Character" shield resembles a grenade, possibly another link to the game Alien Hominid HD, where the main character can throw grenades as a weapon.
  • The alien prisoner who appears in a jail cell of the Alien Ship, and who escapes soon after he is freed, is presumably captured by Area 51 in Alien Hominid HD.
  • When an alien uses its magic, it is portrayed as shooting its ray gun, however, when it runs out magic, it will move its hand like any other character.
  • The Necromancer will resurrect an alien who can take more than one hit to kill and has enhanced speed. It is left to speculation if the Necromancer's powers have the ability to infuse a body with greater endurance and/or skills than those it had when it was alive.
  • The Alien has a "plumber's crack". This can be seen when throwing an enemy, right as you're coming off the top of a ladder, and at the very beginning of Desert Chase, where a dead alien is in front of the wreckage.

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